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New Product Launch (2).png


Learning to Love and Embrace the Beauty of Natural Hair...

Covered'N'Curly is a true visionary for individuals, like Muna, embarking on their natural hair journey and seeking guidance. This brand offers a wealth of resources, including regular posts, tutorials, and videos, to assist in maintaining healthy and luscious locks. Moreover, with a particular emphasis on serving Muslim women, Covered'N'Curly acknowledges and addresses the unique challenges that may arise from wearing a hijab, such as hair damage from friction, hair loss and more.


Notably, Covered'N'Curly is a trailblazer in the hair industry, representing genuine inclusivity for Muslim women. This brand embodies the essence of Muna, who proudly wears a hijab while embracing her beautiful curly hair. Through its message of self-care, Covered'N'Curly inspires individuals not to neglect their hair, even if it is covered. It is important to note that Covered'N'Curly welcomes individuals of all natural hair types and genders.

In addition to its valuable hair care resources, Covered'N'Curly has now ventured into the world of small business with the launch of its handmade luxury bonnets. Each bonnet is meticulously crafted by the founder, who is self-taught and passionate about empowering others to protect and enjoy their hair. Covered'N'Curly plans to expand its collection further by including additional hair accessories designed to enhance your hair care routine and foster a sense of empowerment. With the hashtag #coverwithcare, this brand is committed to promoting self-care and self-love through its high-quality products and resources.

To add to this, Covered'N'Curly has recently launched an innovative platform called Your Salon Directory, which aims to help individuals find salons that cater to their unique hair needs. With a specific focus on women who wear hijab and those with curly or Afro hair, Your Salon Directory acts as a "middleman," making the search process for salons much easier and efficient by providing all the necessary information in one place. To stay updated, follow Your Salon Directory on Instagram and TikTok @Yoursalondirectory, and keep an eye out for the release of their upcoming app in 2023.

‘To have a successful hair journey where you are accomplishing your hair goals, you must learn to love and embrace your hair as it is.’ 

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