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‘To have a successful hair journey where you are accomplishing your hair goals, you must first learn to love and embrace your hair as it is.’

Our natural hair is designed to be unique and different for a purpose. We cannot all have the same hair texture, curl pattern, length, density, and colour. God has created us all to be different, so embrace the richness of your natural hair. The image below is the perfect example to showcase the true definition of uniqueness…

You need to stop trying to find short cuts to reach your goals or to manipulate your hair to attain a desired look that could potentially damage it because ultimately all good things take time. Patience is key!

No one has ever said it is easy. I can appreciate that the realities of natural hair journeys and diverse spectrum of afro and curly hair textures is that we will be experiencing different struggles. Further to this, we also live in a world where we are told that the Eurocentric beauty standards are what we should aspire to.

Despite all the noise, something that Muna believes that you have control over is your mind, it all starts from your mindset which inevitably has a direct effect in the way you start treating your hair.

Once you accept your hair as it is, you value it even more. It becomes healthier, you begin to see length, definition, your afro sits nicely, your curls are popping. It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as having ‘the best hair’ or ‘the best hair texture’ rather it is the steps you take for your hair to be the best it can be.

Investing in your hair is about feeling empowered and having self-love, and this does not mean spending ££ on hair products, but instead taking the time to detangle, to style. to understand your hair and its needs and finding the perfect product that compliments your hair.

The unwritten rule of not comparing yourself to others should be applied in the same way as your hair. We can all appreciate others’ hair by admiring from a distance and there is nothing wrong with being inspired. But do remember not to get side-tracked from your own hair journey. We all have goals, right? Well, your hair is your real goal, invest in it.

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