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Embarking on the Journey

It is time we delved into Muna’s journey to discover more about her hair ventures from where everything began.

It all started between the years 2008 to 2012 when Muna became dependent on relaxers. The relaxers of choice were the infamous Just for Me and ORS Olive Oil kit which were a big part of Muna’s life growing up. It was not until 2012 Muna had made the bold decision to let those relaxers go, which was influenced by a classmate who questioned her about her hair texture. Muna awkwardly replied to the girl that she had just ‘straightened’ her hair and recoiled in denial. It was at this moment that she knew deep down that she had never embraced the idea of relaxing her hair but when this had come to light for others, it sparked a reality check for her.

At the time, Muna’s reasoning for relaxing her hair was that she simply had a strong preference for having a straightened hair look. Fast-forward to the present day, Muna does not regret her decision but understands and embraces that this was in fact a learning curve for her. Since that day, up until 2016, Muna would trial several styles, from straightening to slicked buns to quiffs and ponytails. There was not a style Muna had not attempted, she had experimented with everything under the sun. Muna had even gone for some bold colours, red and blonde, to which she had quickly realised that it would cause some severe damage and it did. Even though she had eliminated the relaxers from her routine, Muna would continue to damage her hair further due to the absence of moisture, treatment and most importantly a consistent hair care routine.

It was not until 2016 to 2019 that Muna would actively research into how to care for her hair. In this period, Muna had stopped dyeing her hair, picked up ‘good enough’ products to start her off but there were still gaps in Muna’s knowledge about hair.

2018 to 2019 she started going to a particular hair salon but soon realised that it caused her more damage than she expected. The consequences of visiting this salon had resulted to Muna acquiring heat damage and her natural curls visibly non-existent. What reflected in the mirror were limp and lifeless curls. This was a turning point for Muna and on the 6th of April 2020, Muna had taken matters into her own hands, she went for the scissors and went ahead with the big chop. What followed this was extensive research, obtaining the right products, increased amount of patience and consistency. That was when she had embarked on her transitioning journey and not long after was the birth of Covered’N’Curly.

Muna has been consistent with her hair care routine and 2021 was the year of growth, dedication, and patience. She did get a second big chop to get rid of the dead ends after spending just over a year of transitioning from heat damage. The big chop took place at The Curl Bar London. Muna’s hair is now healthy and striving Alhamdulilah. As we enter 2022 Muna hopes to continue this commitment and reach her hair goals, whilst being that helping hand for others.

And that's on Covered’N’Curly - Periodtttt!

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