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Our hair is unique it comes in different sizes, shapes and journeys which is what makes our natural hair so fascinating. Not only is it just something that grows from our scalp, but it is also a hair full of experience, trauma, and emotions. Our hair tells a million stories and has a life of its own, so try to be kind to it.

We have a beautiful video with ten different women talking about their hair journeys and each narrative reflecting every tragedy, experience, and emotion that comes with having natural hair. They express their gratitude for how these things have helped them grow as individuals and value their hair even more. Seeing and learning from other individuals embrace their hair is very encouraging; it inspires others to feel the same way about their own hair, and we need more people to do so.

‘To have a successful hair journey where you are accomplishing your hair goals, you must first learn to love and embrace your hair as it is.’

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